Reduced Tax Burden for Dot Com Company by Closing Sale in Just Six Weeks

Client Problem: If sale not closed by yearend, tax burden increases on the sale of millions of dollars.

Client comment: “We are not aware of any other firm that could have met these project requirements”

What C Squared did: A C Squared Partner managed the support for the sale of a dot-com company to a public company buyer in just six weeks to meet the seller’s tax driven close date. We planned and implemented the work needed to meet the requirements of all parties. Our team lined up an audit firm, restated three years of financial statements to GAAP, and provided complete work papers to the auditors and the buyer’s due diligence team. In doing so, the team analyzed operating systems, reviewed tax records and led all parties to common understanding of the information. The transaction closed on time while the seller was vacationing outside the US.

A Growing Contract Manufacturing Company Has Significant Cash Shortages

Client Problem: The lack of cash was causing inventory shortages which delayed production and shipments causing clients to go elsewhere.

What C Squared did: The client operates in a low margin, high mix, medium volume industry where management of working capital is critical.  C Squared implemented an effective weekly cash forecasting process and model, replacing the existing ad-hoc system, which allowed management to see the short and longer term impact of their purchasing strategy. C Squared worked with operations to shorten lead-times being used to bring materials in-house and worked with suppliers to hold inventory for consolidation prior to shipment.  C Squared worked with management to select a new integrated ERP system to be implemented.

Multi-state Real Estate Investment Firm with Cash Flow Forecasting Issues

Client Problem: Client was absorbing unneeded duplicate costs and delayed projects due to lack of information

What C Squared did: A C Squared Partner analyzed their current budgeting process and broke it into months and line items. He then established monthly budget variance analysis that discovered where the company needed to make changes. In addition, the new processes allowed the reforecasting of the remainder of the year which improved tax planning. We helped the client hire a permanent CFO to continue the new processes.

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