When you don’t have the bandwidth to take care of your most pressing enterprise concerns, we are there for you.


C Squared Solutions and Minerva Group Complete Financial Services:
C Squared Solutions provides complete accounting and finance services from CFO down to bookkeeping. C Squared provides CFOs while our partnership with the Minerva Group provides controllers, accountants and bookkeepers. Through this partnership, we can provide complete turnkey financial services.

C2's Powerful Discovery-Driven Process



-Process / System Improvement

-Disciplined Execution

-Service / Product Delivery


-Cash Flow






-Breakthrough Strategy

-Disciplined Execution

-Contingency Planning

-Idea-Driven Organization

Human Capital

-Talent Management






-Keep / Sell

-Stuck to Unstuck

Our Process In Action Delivers

  • • Full Service Accounting - CFO, Controller, Accountant, Tax Filing, Bookkeeping

  • • Financial Modeling for "Whatiffing" your strategy options

  • • M&A support on both buy and sell sides. We provide analytics, planning, and data clean up for transactions

  • • Monetizing strategies through detailed implementation plans

  • • Mentoring staff to improve operational and analytical skills

  • • Design dashboards, KPIs, and other metrics for improved profitability

  • • Budgeting and forecasting to thoroughly define your financial plan

  • • Hands on operating and financial skills to parachute in and cover key leadership absences

Want to See Our Process in Action?