Personal Coach vs. Business Coach: What’s the Difference?

We see many articles and blogs about aligning the person with the organization. What is that? Is this just jargon from personal coaches? Well, here is one experienced perspective from a few successful business owners.

If you are a business owner and are looking to be passionate about your business, it is critical that your personal goals align with your business goals.  Many owners have a personal coach or a business coach but what is the difference? Here is a simple explanation:

Personal Coach                                                                 Business Coach

Who are you?                                                                    What is important to you?

Where are you going?                                                      Where would you like to see your company go?

Where are you going to end up?                                   What’s stopping you?

What’s life all about?                                                        Do you want to fix it?

With a personal coach, alignment is about you as a person and finding out what will make you happy. With a business coach, alignment is about your personal goals lining up with your business goals. Both coaches are attempting to improve your focus on life and business. You may need both types of coaches or one that has skills in both areas.

No doubt you have heard about needing passion to build a business from such luminaries as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Successful people haven common traits of focus and drive to achieve their goals as proven in many studies and stories.

If your life has become uninteresting or tedious and your business is skidding along without excitement, you might seek out a coach to help you get focused. Whether you want to improve your lifestyle or build a business, finding your passion will boost your success. Look to your successful peers and friends for examples. Do your most successful and happy acquaintances use coaches? Ask them and if they do; find out how they use them.

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