C Squared Solutions’ fractional CEOs, COOs, and CFOs are seasoned business growth experts, helping you make the right decisions fast.

The C Squared Way

…a passion to help our clients build stellar companies

In working with our team, you’ll immediately see we are different than other consultants. What sets us apart is our culture — The C Squared Way.

You will know we’re different because we invest our time and knowledge in you before you are asked to invest in us. We listen first and then collaborate, guide, and mentor. Our aim is to become indispensable advisors focused on your best interests, and we want you to see how we think and how we can help you before you commit to us as your partner.

Learn more about our no-cost Guided Discovery – A Business Analysis.

As you work with us, you will see that all of our decisions do what’s right for your business success. Whether it’s a bookkeeper or a CFO, we’ll match talent to your needs. And we won’t give you band-aid answers—we will work closely with you until our purpose is fulfilled.

We always act with an owner’s perspective and commit to your business as if it were our own. Since our C-suite advisors have started, grown, and sold their own companies, we understand how important it is to analyze the whole business to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that positively impact all areas of your business.

With C Squared Solutions, you don’t get just one expert in one area, you get the combined knowledge of an entire C-suite team.

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What You Can Expect

Company Growth Expertise

Our invaluable, been-there-done-that fractional CEO, CFO, and COO experts help you close gaps and accelerate growth.

Big-Picture Perspective

Our outsourced experts are backed by a collaborative C-suite team, providing comprehensive, company-wide solutions.

Integrity and Value

Known for essential insight, we are effective, reliable C-suite problem solvers and mentors.

High-Level Support

We serve as an extension of your leadership team, engaging you in high-level, peer-to-peer conversations.

Stop Leaking Profits

Here are signs that profit is leaking in your company: 

- Growing fast and sales not completing on time

- Revenue is increasing but profits are decreasing

- Cash flow issues

- Encountering challenges not seen or experienced before and expenses building up

- Cannot forecast cost of goods and gross margins falling

- Projects blow up budgets and timelines with frustrated management

- Members of leadership team are working long hours and making costly mistakes

- Work environment is becoming more reactive with unplanned outcomes

- Leadership team not aligned and delaying decisions

- Hiring ahead of need or capital investments being made too soon

If you're experiencing any of these indicators, read this blog or just contact us.  We can look at the data, determine the root cause, and implement a solution that will work. 

A Client's Perspective


A client describes the experience of working with C Squared Solutions C-suite problem solvers through the Guided Discovery Process. He highlights the SnapShot Summary, which provided a quick view into the key areas to focus on. He was impressed that, using this process, the C Squared company turn around experts understood his business within 20 minutes and was able to help him clarify those areas with the greatest impact and urgency after just a 2-hour meeting. The outcome of the C Squared Guided Discovery Process was a strategic plan that the business owner could believe in, trust, and act on.

Your Team: Partners

Dave Johnson, CEO | COO | CFO | Board Director

Dave is Co-founder and Managing Partner of C Squared Solutions.  Dave's industry experience includes software, manufacturing, engineering, construction, renewable energy, professional services and non-profit organizations.

Michael Steingrebe

Michael Steingrebe, COO | CFO | GM

Michael is a Partner of C Squared Solutions and has been the CFO/COO at Premier Manufacturing for more than 5 years. Michael’s Industry experience includes; Technology – software, hardware and e-commerce, Manufacturing (contract and OEM) - Technology and Industrial, Wholesale/Distribution, Clean Energy, Consumer Products, and Telecom Services. He has held CFO, COO, CEO, VP Corporate Development and Board of Director positions for early-stage high growth, middle market private and publicly held organizations.

Paul Oberman, COO | CFO | M&A

Paul’s industry experience includes oil & gas, mining, transportation, real estate development, construction and home building, solar distribution, retail/wholesale, manufacturing, engineering and professional service industries. Paul’s clients include private, public, domestic and international companies.

Your Team: Principals

Bill Martin, CEO | COO | CFO

Bill combines 20+ years of financial and operations leadership experience with entrepreneurial skills from starting his own businesses. His hands-on knowledge include process improvement, strategic planning, project implementation, contract/document drafting, contract negotiation and using financial information to guide decision making. Bill is unique in his combination of legal background and detailed accounting knowledge.

Craig Swiatek, CEO, COO, GM

Craig’s industry experience includes building materials, insurance, financial services, internet technologies, telecommunications, investment banking, clean technology, venture capital and consulting.

Steven Solove, COO | Technology | Process Engineer | Program Director

Steve is a Principal/Consultant at C Squared providing support to clients and the C Squared team in specialized cross-functional capabilities, built on decades of experience in financial services...

Michael Dulberg | CFO | CAO | Principal

Mike has an extensive background in finance from over 35 years spent working at the highest levels across several organizations. His industry expertise includes technology, manufacturing/construction, banking....

Dani Gebhart | M&A | CFO Advisory | Principal

Accomplished Finance Executive with experience in operational, project and strategic finance. Skilled in financial modeling (target setting, budgeting, and forecasting), ...

Charles Salzman, CFO | CAO | M&A

Charles is a Principal on C Squared and currently the permanent CFO for Reynolds Polymer Technology. He is a seasoned turn-around specialist that redesigns company infrastructure to fit current needs and position a company for recovery. Charles’ prior positions were in manufacturing, oilfield services, agriculture and professional services. In addition, he was previously an Audit Manager at a Big 4 CPA firm and holds an active Colorado CPA license.

Dean Miller, COO, GM, Project Mgmt.

Dean is an accomplished leader and advisor to multiple companies and industries. He has 25+ years of hands-on experience in operations and executive roles. He is adept at leadership roles in large and small organizations.

Annmarie Maynard, CEO, COO, CFO, SVP Finance

Annmarie is a Principal at C Squared and currently the President & CEO of The Village Ltd., a 501(c)3. Throughout Annmarie’s 20+ year career, her expertise at providing financial leadership and strategy to organizations has spanned several different industries including construction,

Matt Austin, CEO, COO, CFO, SVP Finance

Matt is an accomplished business leader with 20+ years as a senior financial and operational executive leading growth focused businesses.