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At C Squared Solutions, we use our years of CFO and COO expertise
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What Makes Us Different?

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We are very good at what we do, but we are not experts in everything. If what you need is not what we do, we will refer you to people that have the needed skills. Contact us and tell us what you need.


What We Provide

  • -Fractional, interim, and project services
  • -Financial modeling for "whatiffing" strategic options
  • -M&A transaction support
  • -Full accounting support through partners

Actual Client Cases

We have a collection of blogs and mini-case studies that illustrates our expertise. Everything comes from actual experience with clients. We will discuss any of these with you - just call.


Meet our C-Suite of Problem Solvers

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Do You Measure Up? – A Free Offer

Do you wonder how your business performs compared to others in your industry? Ever ask yourself if you are doing the right things to make your company as profitable as possible? We have a process that we offer to business owners where we provide a free benchmarking report. We do Read more…

Lead Like A Gardener in a Drought Economy

Preparing for uncertainty: As businesses reopen, most do not know what the new normal will be nor expect a quick ramp up in their business. A gardener does not know what the weather will be for the growing season, so they prepare the best infrastructure plan for watering, weeding and Read more…

Are You Confusing Marketing with Strategy?

Market planning is certainly strategic in nature, but it is not the entire business. Strategy is more complete when it evaluates the business comprehensively. Strategically examining your market focus in product design, placement, and pricing is the front end of strategy. In other words: MARKETING. But marketing does not examine Read more…

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