COO | Technology | Process Engineer | Program Director

Steve is a Principal/Consultant at C Squared providing support to clients and the C Squared team in specialized cross-functional capabilities, built on decades of experience in financial services, technology, manufacturing, knowledge services, and supply chain management. While Steve has held executive roles including CFO, COO, CAO, and CIO, his consulting focus is building operational effectiveness through process engineering and automation.

Specialties and Background

Steve’s cross-functional, multi-industry experience provides a strong background to quickly engage with new clients to understand their business needs and successfully implement new processing.

His core strength is engaging in issues – large and small –where change is needed, but the path to success is not always clear. He is able to work with those involved to quickly understand the current state, including root causes of issues, and then envision and deliver solutions that meet business needs. From dynamic budget and cash flow models, to improved service delivery, to simplified inventory management processes – Steve has helped his employers and clients find a better way.


At Countrywide Financial, Steve and his team transformed the legacy branch fulfillment model, adding capacity for hyper-growth in sales through new regional and centralized operations centers. Within seven month, 20 centers in 18 states were operational and out-performing the old model in key metrics.

At Pulte Mortgage, Steve was challenged with solving an increasingly costly problem determining appropriate escrows for property taxes on new construction loans. His investigation uncovered compounding issues and was solved through automation that eliminated over 90% of the errors, saving over $500,000/year.


Steve attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in International Business.


Steve enjoys the outdoors, traveling – both near and far, spending time with family and friends, reading and playing bridge.