Engagement centered around sourcing and vetting qualified companies for acquisition

C Squared Solutions has entered into an agreement with a Colorado-based Private Equity (PE) firm to find qualified acquisition candidates in the Rocky Mountain region. C Squared has helped other firms in the past with sourcing and vetting companies where owners want to sell yet also want to remain with their company for some time to gain additional upside.

Dave Johnson, Managing Partner of C Squared, commented, “Our seasoned team of C-suite executives has been through several transactions on both the buy and sell sides. Some of us have personally acquired companies and later sold them, so we intimately know the process.”

Bill Martin, Principal at C Squared, will lead the process. He has personally acquired companies for himself and later sold them after growing them. “Selling your business is a complex process. Equally challenging is finding one to acquire that fits your unique set of criteria,” stated Martin. “Working with someone who has experience on both sides helps open up a more informative, comfortable conversation.”

C Squared is seeking out profitable companies in the Rocky Mountain region with an EBITDA in the $1-$5 million range with profit margins of 10% or more. These companies can be in any line of business or industry, as long as they do not involve state or federal licensure. It is most desirable if the management team would like to stay and participate in the growth that additional capital brings.

C Squared will be canvassing their large referral network and professional relationships to source suitable candidate companies. They will prequalify these companies to meet the PE investment criteria before introducing them to the potential buyers.

Primary contact for this ongoing process is:

Bill Martin, Principal
C Squared Solutions
1873 S. Bellaire St., Suite 300
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 909-5284

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