C Squared Solutions has just launched our new website.

  • More video
  • More personal messaging
  • Clarity of purpose

These are just a few of the things you will notice when you visit.


Because we have seen a migration of our client base over the last 18 months from boomers to Gen X and millennials. Well run companies pay attention to their evolving markets and pivot to remain of value. So we did.

The new website contains more video, more personal messaging and a better explanation of what we can do for you. It is designed for you to get to know who we are even before we meet so you can determine if we fit you.

There is a lot more content on the site to give you free access to much of our experience. There are written blogs on real clients, mini-video case studies of things we have dealt with, and video bios of team members summarizing their past experiences. There are also free offers of valued services to introduce you to us.

Much of the website content will also be found on our YouTube channel and on our LinkedIn company page. We offer multiple channels to access information because that is what our clients have asked for. Since we have “been there, done that” we offer seasoned skills and insight to aid you in growing your business. Whether you are growing a business, planning on M&A transactions or planning to sell your business, you will find relevant information on our website.

Dig in and learn more about us at www.c2solves.com. You will be glad you did.


C Squared Solutions members are experts in operations and finance.

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