Do you ever ask yourself if you are doing the right things in your job or if you should focus on different tasks? This is the key to keeping your day productive and making your job more satisfying. You may be pinned down by a specific job description that is an organizational fence keeping you confined.

We have a process that we offer to business executives for free to get their thinking out of the repetitive box assigned to them. This 30-minute presentation takes you through a process of self-assessment of what you like doing and what skills are your best. The process uses a four-column template but requires you to think seriously about what you are good at, what you like doing, what you are not good at, and what you do not like doing. In the end you define what you should be doing and what should be delegated or outsourced. The goal of the exercise is to make you more productive, happier in your job and hopefully grow your business.  What ends up in your task list on your calendar is what you should be doing.

We will send you the presentation and the talking notes to explain each page. It will come with no strings attached and you are not signing up for anything. Just reach out to us via email or give us a call and we will send the file immediately. This is one way that we give back to our business community through being a good neighbor.

If this process sounds too complex for you, just call us and we can help you define your needs. We do this analysis all the time and we get you started at no cost. If you wish to engage us, that is a separate conversation.

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